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"As long as that place stays open, I´ll stay alive": Accessing injectable opioid agonist treatment during dual public health crises

Jaffe, Kaitlyn; Blawatt, Sarin; Lehal, Eisha; Lock, Kurt; Easterbrook, Adam; MacDonald, Scott; Harrison, Scott; Lajeunesse, Julie; Byres, David; Schechter, Martin; Oviedo-Joekes, Eugenia

"I wouldn´t need Narcan for myself, but I can have it for somebody else:" perceptions of harm reduction among hospitalized patients with OUD

French, Rachel; Davis, M. Holliday; Aronowitz, Shoshana V.; Crowe, Molly; Abrams, Matthew; Edwards, Grace; Lowenstein, Margaret

"It´s just another tool on my toolbelt": New York state law enforcement officer experiences administering naloxone

Lloyd, Danielle; Rowe, Kirsten; Leung, Shu-Yin John; Pourtaher, Elham; Gelberg, Kitty

"Just fighting for my life to stay alive": a qualitative investigation of barriers and facilitators to community re-entry among people with opioid use disorder and incarceration histories

Hoffman, Kim A.; Thompson, Emma; Gaeta Gazzola, Marina; Oberleitner, Lindsay M. S.; Eller, Anthony; Madden, Lynn M.; Marcus, Ruthanne; Oberleitner, David E.; Beitel, Mark; Barry, Declan T.

"Sign Me Up": a qualitative study of video observed therapy (VOT) for patients receiving expedited methadone take-homes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Darnton, James B.; Bhatraju, Elenore P.; Beima-Sofie, Kristin; Michaels, Alyssa; Hallgren, Kevin A.; Soth, Sean; Grekin, Paul; Woolworth, Steve; Tsui, Judith I.

"Sometimes you have to take the person and show them how": adapting behavioral activation for peer recovery specialist-delivery to improve methadone treatment retention

Kleinman, Mary B.; Anvari, Morgan S.; Bradley, Valerie D.; Felton, Julia W.; Belcher, Annabelle M.; Seitz-Brown, C. J.; Greenblatt, Aaron D.; Dean, Dwayne; Bennett, Melanie; Magidson, Jessica F.

"Stabilise-reduce, stabilise-reduce": A survey of the common practices of deprescribing services and recommendations for future services

Cooper, Ruth E. E.; Ashman, Michael; Lomani, Jo; Moncrieff, Joanna; Guy, Anne; Davies, James; Morant, Nicola; Horowitz, Mark

"The familiar taste of poison": a qualitative study of multi-level motivations for stimulant use in sexual minority men living in South Florida

Davis-Ewart, Leah; Lee, Ji-Young; Viamonte, Michael; Colon-Burgos, Jose; Harkness, Audrey; Kanamori, Mariano; Duncan, Dustin T.; Doblecki-Lewis, Susanne; Carrico, Adam W.; Grov, Christian

"There´s a big tag on my head": exploring barriers to treatment seeking with women who use methamphetamine in Sydney, Australia

Clifford, Brendan; Van Gordon, Kate; Magee, Fiona; Malone, Victoria; Siefried, Krista J. J.; Graham, Duncan; Ezard, Nadine

"There´s absolutely no downside to this, I mean, except community opposition:" A qualitative study of the acceptability of vending machines for harm reduction

Stewart, Rebecca E. E.; Cardamone, Nicholas C. C.; Loscalzo, Emily; French, Rachel; Lovelace, Collin; Mowenn, Winna Koe; Tarhini, Ali; Lalley-Chareczko, Linden; Brady, Kathleen A. A.; Mandell, David S. S.

"We do it ourselves": strengths and opportunities for improving the practice of harm reduction

Claborn, Kasey; Samora, Jake; McCormick, Katie; Whittfield, Quanisha; Courtois, Frederic; Lozada, Kyle; Sledge, Daniel; Burwell, Annie; Chavez, Sandra; Bailey, Jamie; Bailey, Chris; Pederson, Chelsea Dalton; Zagorski, Claire; Hill, Lucas; Conway, Fiona N.

"You´ll come in and dose even in a global pandemic": A qualitative study of adaptive opioid agonist treatment provision during the COVID-19 pandemic

Conway, Anna; Treloar, Carla; Crawford, Sione; Degenhardt, Louisa; Dore, Gregory J.; Farrell, Michael; Hayllar, Jeremy; Grebely, Jason; Marshall, Alison D.

#TurntTrending: a systematic review of substance use portrayals on social media platforms

Rutherford, Brienna N.; Lim, Carmen C. W.; Johnson, Benjamin; Cheng, Brandon; Chung, Jack; Huang, Sandy; Sun, Tianze; Leung, Janni; Chan, Gary C. K.

(2R,6R)-Hydroxynorketamine Treatment of Rats Exposed to Repetitive Low-Level Blast Injury

Garcia, Georgina Perez; Perez, Gissel M. M.; De Gasperi, Rita; Sosa, Miguel A. Gama; Otero-Pagan, Alena; Abutarboush, Rania; Kawoos, Usmah; Statz, Jonathan K. K.; Patterson, Jacob; Zhu, Carolyn W. W.; Hof, Patrick R. R.; Cook, David G. G.; Ahlers, Stephen

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